Historical Notes

Dorval Oldtimers was incorporated in September 1968 at the Dorval Arena. Many "Original" Oldtimers would argue that the Oldtimers originated in December 1967, outside at Pine Beach Park which lasted approximately two and a half months depending on the weather conditions. The 35 years and older rule started only because the youngest guy at the time was 35 years old and so it happened. The "Originals" started with two teams in 1968-1969 with René Gingras as their first President.

The League quickly expanded over the next few years with four teams in 1969-1970 and then to six teams the year later in 1970-1971. Again, the following year, they expanded to eight teams in 1971-1972. It was then decided that the League would be split into two divisions, 4A and 4B.

The League would not expand again until 1986-1987 where ten teams would be involved. That year, 1986, would go down as a highlight in the Dorval Oldtimers League: The Dorval January Invitational Hockey Tournament was born. It started out by having eight teams chaired successively by Guy Viau, Jacques Boisselle and Al Noftall who expanded the tournament to 48 teams, as it is today. Now, it's over 25 years old. This tournament is operated by all the Dorval members, their families and friends, and together, they create an atmosphere that is extremely high in hospitality. To date, the Oldtimers have been able to collect over $300,000 for the benefit of local charities and minor sports organizations.

In the years 1992-1993, the League expanded once again to 12 teams with 6A and 6B. The following years, 1994-1995, it was decided that the League would be divided into three divisions, 4A, 4B and 4C.

The league expanded again in 2009-2010 by adding an Early Birds division with 2 teams that always play at 5PM.

During the years the League has existed, we have been able to create a Hall of Fame, where members are recognized for their accomplishments as Oldtimers. We also have a memorial plaque to remember those who are gone, but not forgotten. Membership has been maintained at over 200 members and evidently new members are always welcome.

Apart from our own January tournament, League members also participate in local tournaments as well as in annual exchanges held for more than 25 years with our American friends from Springfield and Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Though there is some pride in having been around since 1968, the most important is that the League allows us to come out for a good game of hockey and honest "camaraderie" with "The Boys" every Tuesday night. That is what it is all about.


Summary - League Make-up 1968

Divisions Teams

1968-1969 1 Division  2A    
1969-1970 1 Division  4A    
1970-1971 1 Division  6A    
1971-1972 2 Divisions 4A   4B  
1986-1987 2 Divisions 4A   6B  
1992-1993 2 Divisions 6A   6B  
1994-1995 3 Divisions 4A   4B  4C
2009-2010 4 Divisions 2EB 4A  4B  4C


Prepared by Marcel Daoust and Pierre C. Ricard (update: 01-01-2011)

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